Members often ask us questions about the relationship between the Portarlington Neighbourhood House, Parks Hall, the Geelong City Council and Bellarine Bayside.

Here is a Fact Sheet.

Q: Does PNH own Parks Hall?

A: No, the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) leases Parks Hall fom Bellarine Bayside. PNH is a tenant of the CoGG. 

Q: Who owns the park and grounds outside Parks Hall?

A: The Crown owns them. Bellarine Bayside is the caretaker of the grounds, on behalf of the Crown (the Victorian State Government).

Q: Can PNH use the rooms in Parks Hall whenever they want?

A: No, PNH must use the Council booking schedule. PNH is the main tenant of Parks Hall, and there are other regular tenants, such as the Maltese Society. CoGG allow PNH minimal rates for 60 hours per week. Outside the 60 hours allocated, PNH must pay for the use of rooms at the full rate, and use the CoGG booking schedule, like any other tenant or person who books rooms at Parks Hall.

Q: Can PNH use the grounds outside the Parks Hall for classes?

A: If PNH wants to hold a class outside, we should seek the permission of Bellarine Bayside.

Q: Can PNH hold classes in other venues?

A: Yes - some of our classes are 'off-campus' e.g. the Portarlington Golf Club, local cafes or in the Uniting Church facilities.

Q: What does PNH membership cover?

A: The annual $20 membership helps pay for insurance and costs associated with running the Neighbourhood House. Your membership fee entitles you to access all activities and events, free library, rest rooms, and coffee & tea making facilities. Most activity facilitation is voluntarily given to PNH in a skill-sharing model. PNH usually has a minimal activity fee of $4 to cover the cost of resources, such as photocopying, equipment, licences and use of the facility.

Q: Who is responsible for running PNH?

A: The Committee of Management is a volunteer committee elected annually at the AGM. They are responsible for good governance, making decisions on planning and policy, and are financially accountable. The Coordinator is employed by the Committee to oversee the daily operations of PNH, and is assisted by an Administration Assistant. 

Q: Will PNH always be located in Parks Hall?

A: We do not know. The lease agreement with the Council is up for renegotiation early next year. CoGG is funding a feasibility study to explore a Community Hub for Portarlington. That may be a very long term solution.