The Portarlington Film Society operates in partnership with the Portarlington Neighbourhood House and was established in that form in 2012. The membership was extended to 100 members in 2013. In recent years there have been some unfilled spaces and new members are always welcome. Any member of the public is invited to attend once for a small fee before becoming a full member.  The Committee are always available to discuss ways attendance can be facilitated for those unable to commit to a full membership due to being regular visitors, illness, or other factors. For more information contact the Secretary on 0400 731 831.

Films are screen digitally and are supported by high quality surround sound system which has been improved over recent years. 

DVDs are owned by the Society and are available for loan by members after the film has been screened. Contact Diane Chaffers on 0400 656 902.

When and Where

Films are screened at the Portarlington Girl Guides Hall, Portarlington Recreational Reserve. 

Films are screened on the last Friday of the month from February to November. 

Film Society Fees are $50 per annum. 

Members must also be financial members of the Portarlington Neighbourhood House to be covered by insurance. 

Committee Members 2023

President: Lorraine Hughes

Treasurer and Membership: Alison Klitzing

Secretary: Sue Jager

Film Selection: Vic Ryall, Diane Chaffers

The Film Selection activity is open to interested Film Society member for a short period in August-October annually by nomination. This is prior to the process where all financial members are invited to vote for 10 films out of the range selected by the Film Selection committee. If interested in participation, contact Vic Ryall or chat to a committee member.

Other members include Barbara Stevens, David Hilton, Gemma Tobschall.

We are always interested in new committee members (10 spaces available). Please contact the Secretary if you are interested in helping us with the process.

Yearly Film Program 2023

25 August: 7.30pm, Good Will Hunting, USA, 1997 (126mins)

29 September: 7.00pm, Capharnaum (Carpernaum), Lebanon/France/UK, 2018 (126mins)

27 October: 7.00pm, AGM and The Sting, USA, 1973 (129mins)

24 November: 7.00pm, H is for Happiness, Australia, 2019 (98mins)