Current Committee of Management

The committee is proposing changes to our Constitution, and members voted in favour of these changes on 2 November 2022.

These changes are to:

  • update the purpose statement
  • update the terminology, provide clarity and make it easy to find related rules
  • better describe our membership application process and member rights
  • provide a more realistic quorum for general meetings
  • clarify the election process for committee members
  • ensure skilled people are appointed as Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
  • update the inspection of relevant documents due to privacy

Please review the relevant documents here:

Constitutional Matters required by the Act

PNH Constitutional Changes draft for members

Summary of proposed changes to Constitution

The member consultation process was from Wednesday 26 August to Monday 19 September.

Members may send a written submission via

A member information forum was held on Wednesday 14 September at 4.00pm in the Bayview room.

Members were asked to vote to accept the changes to the Constitution at a Special General Meeting on Wednesday 2 November at 7.00pm prior to the AGM at 7.10pm. Members voted in favour of the changes. 

Committee welcomes your feedback and support for these changes.