PNH is overseen by a Committee of Management. Committee is proposing the following five changes to the PNH Constitution: 

  1. Section 2: changes to the PNH Purpose Statement to meet ACNC regulations.
  2. Section 4: changes to the definitions section to meet ACNC regulations.
  3. Rule 11.2.3: words to ensure no discrimination if rejected a member application, to meet ACNC regulations.
  4. Rule 67.4: who can sign for expenditure, to better reflect current practice.
  5. Rule 73: re wind up, to meet ACNC regulations.

There is a Special General Meeting of PNH being held on Wednesday 19 June 2024 at 10am at Parks Hall. Members may vote to accept the changes to the PNH Constitution in person, or by proxy. Proxy forms for the SGM are available in the office or below:

Proxy Form for SGM 19 June 2024

Draft Constitution June 2024 - proposed changes Draft 2

Current Committee of Management

Current Constitution - December 2022

Constitutional Matters required by the Act

If you have any queries regarding the Constitution please email PNH on