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Open day at the Neighbourhood House.

Saturday, April 7, 10-2pm. 

Come along and try a range of activities for free. Have a go at mini golf, a sausage sizzle and snow cones.

Click here to download free program.

2018-Easter Hours.

The house will close on Good Friday and open on Tuesday April 2nd. 


Program for Term 1, 2018


 The program for term one contains a wide ranges of courses and one day events. New programs for  children, as well as increased physical activites for the older age group.  The one day events and tours tend to book out early so it is advised to book now to avoid disappointment. Please note: you will be required to be a member of the Neighbourhood House to enrol in any activities. Click here




Fun filled events for the whole family

News, news, and fun activities.


Drama Studies

This is a fun group for learning the Craft. Discover all about body language and voice control and how to become a different free.character and act. And enjoy the wide variety of sessions that take you through the many processes of Performance in a stress-free, pleasurable way. Due to popular demand this group has been moved to Wednesday nights.





 Hot off the press "THE PORTAL" Issue No. 4

Not only are the visual arts flourishing in Portarlington, so are the literary arts. The initial Neighbourhood House Writing Group produced a wonderful anthology of short stories in 2013 called ?Woven Words?. A second writing group sprang up and met, also monthly, working on poetry and short stories. In 2016, these two groups produced a combined anthology of works titled ?Reflections?. This second group has also embarked on a new venture to produce a periodic magazine called ?The Portal? featuring short stories and poems written and selected by its members at its regular meetings. The magazine is available at the Neighbourhood House free of charge (while stocks last) or here on this website by clicking on the link below. We encourage readers of hard copies to pass them on after reading or leave them in places where others may pick them up, as stocks are limited. Happy reading! click here to download. The portal


Writing, Poetry, Events and more...

Portarlington Neighbourhood House writing group members were well represented at the ?Writers? Breakfast? hosted by the Port Arts Network at Saints and Sailors in October.  While enjoying a beautiful breakfast, an audience of around thirty listened to short stories and poems read by the authors who managed to squeeze an amazing range of topics into the morning, each within their individual allocated five minute time frame. The morning moved along rapidly and within an hour and a half listeners had heard the works of fourteen local writers.


The challenge of story and poetry writing is being taken up by a number of people in our community, so many that the Portarlington Neighbourhood House has had to start up a third writing group to cater for the growing interest.  Reading original work to an audience is a big step in developing confidence in one?s writing ability and the recent breakfast was a great opportunity for many who had never faced that challenge before.


If you are interested in finding out more about the PNH writing groups, contact the office on 5259 2290 and leave your details.






"Painting for fun"


This small group has now joined the Neighbourhood House art community. From recent sojourns around the Bellarine they will become become part of the establishment. Class size is limited, and as it is non-tutored you will are required to have some artistic ability. Get in early to reserve your place.





Welcome to 2017, year of the Rooster.

Rooster (or Chicken) ranks the tenth among the Chinese zodiac animals.

In Chinese culture, Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality, for it wakes people up on time. People born in the year of the Rooster are beautiful, kind-hearted, hard-working, courageous, independent, humorous and honest. They like to keep home neat and organized. On the other side, they might be arrogant, self-aggrandizing, persuasive to others and wild as well as admire things or persons blindly.


Woofa and Walkers book launch, (yes, dogs do write)

Wagging Tales Launch

The ?Official Launch of Wagging Tales? was hosted by Woofers and Walkers at Portarlington Neighbourhood House. The gathering celebrated the stories and poems written by dog owners about their favourite woofers. We were delighted to have the editor Peter Hill with us and his number one woofer EmmyTou who got lots of pats and attention. A highlight of the launch was the reading of the poems and stories by the writers present that really brought these stories to life. It was a pleasure to sit with a group of dog owners sharing their poems and stories that gave us an opportunity to celebrate together our dogs and what they mean to us. Woofers and Walkers wish to thank all the dog owners for their wagging tales. There was a rumour at the launch about a Wagging Tales Two. Copies are available in the foyer of Neighbourhood House ($3.00) to cover our printing costs.

Julie Elterman ? Woofers and Walkers


 School Holidays

FREE Movie, Popcorn, Drink and Activity

At a lost what to do, then come along to the PNH school holiday program.

Please note children must be in the company of an adult.

Please contact the Neighbourhood House for more details.




Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient form of mind and body exercise developed in China.

The type of tai chi offered at the Neighbourhood House is Sun Style adapted by Dr Paul Lam.

We call it tai chi for Health.

The exercises are forms taken from martial arts and performed slowly and smoothly. Tai chi for health is a safe exercise for young and old. The forms can even be done while seated. Doing tai chi regularly can benefit everyone physically mentally and socially. The forms help enhance balance flexibility endurance and overall fitness. It takes a while to remember the steps but is well worth it.

Tai chi is held on Monday at 10 a.m. and Thursday at 2p.m.

Everyone is welcome. Give it a try!






The house photography group is organising a series of armchair travel events where those who have travelled overseas talk about their journey. 


These events will be held on a Monday. Times to be confirmed.

COME AND EXPLORE AND ENJOY INSIGHTS  over drinks and nibbles.

COST: $2.50



2017 Membership Form Click Here

Annual Membership, now payable by calendar year and renewal of memberships for 2016 can now be paid. Office hours are 10-3pm Monday to Friday.





Interested in Stamp collecting? Expressions of Interest.stamps.jpg - small

Come and join us to discuss the possibility of establishing a stamp collecting group and topics that you would like to see covered.

Contact the Portarlington Neighbourhood House on: 5259 2290 or email:




Walking group 


Wednesday morning weekly


Walking just 30 minutes a day can help you maintain and improve your health and wellbeing. Walking improves balance, coordination and spinal health. It is also a social activity as you meet other likeminded people.  walking2.jpg - large

Therefore come and enjoy the health benefits of walking with others while exploring the many beautiful walking options in Portarlington. Join in for a friendly cuppa afterwards!

Day: Commencing Wednesday , 5 February

(Meet at the Mosaic Seat out the front of PNH)

Time: 8.30 am Cost: $2.50





Back to School for Seniors is now in its fourth year and continues to provide two hours of those forgotten ?school? activities on a Friday morning at the Neighbourhood House. Facilitated by a retired teacher, the sessions aim to immerse students in the subjects they enjoyed?or hated?.so many years ago, and bring poetry, creative writing, mathematics, history and social studies back to life. Social interaction and laughter play a major role in the program.


Students have selected a variety of study topics for 2015 which their ?teacher? will endeavour to build in to the year?s program.

 Although homework is occasionally set, it is thankfully not compulsory as this would result in a high failure rate. The class size limit is twenty with many students opting to continue from one year to the next.




The Portarlington Neighbourhood House offers two drawing classes on a Wednesday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These are interchangeable enabling students to attend either depending on personal appointments etc. The only requirements are pencils, paper and an interest in participating and having fun.  DRAWING(1).jpg - small


Although some students have had considerable drawing experience, many have had little and come to enjoy the social interaction and relaxation that this drawing class provides. Students have formed a list of subjects to be covered in 2015 and the facilitator will endeavour to present activities relating to these subjects to help develop skills in perspective and tonal value. While being provided with set tasks, students are also encouraged to bring their own photographs, or their own creativity to work from, related to the current subject.  Students are also encouraged to explore other mediums (felt pen, biro, pen & ink, water colour, pastel, charcoal, coloured pencil etc) if they so desire.



 buildingaccess.jpg - large Alternative Building Access.

For those with limited mobility, or have large objects to carry, please note the Neighbourhood House has alternative access around the back of the building with entry points off both Willis and Brown Streets. There is a doorbell to ring on the lefthand side to enter the building. Please note this is suitable for both wheelchairs and pushers.







 The Corner is for all things doggy.

SO for all you dog lovers who have an event to promote or a photo to add please forward information to the Neighbourhood House.















Class of 2015.



All dog owners are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. these meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of the month at the Neighbourhood House from 11-12.

As well you are welcome to join in the Community Walks on the 1st Saturday of the month @v11.00 am leaving fromParks Hall in Newcombe Street.


Changes to  Dog training program.

 Doggies.jpg - large

 Please note the changes for 2017


Basic beginners classes will be held on Tuesday at the following times:


           Pups 9-10.30

          Costs $3.00

 Please enquire at the House for more information.



  Philosophy's back. 

 Welcome back Rene, after a short illness.  The Philosophy Café, continues to grow with all participants now enjoying being informed through the chosen and researched articles distributed by Rene, and discussed in such a friendly and informal atmosphere every fortnight.


 Special Note for the Bird Watchers.

The group meets at the house to car pool for the days outing. Please contact Wayne on 0412003257 if you wish to join the group.



Want to play cards?


Cards are played in an informal setting on both Mondays and Thursdays.

You have the choice of either 500 or Canasta. Enjoy a cuppa and come along and make new friends.


Canasta/ Bolivia

A convivial group who enjoy each other?s company playing cards in a very happy environment.  No experience necessary.

Monday : 10.00am ? 12.30pm

Thursday: 10.00am ? 12.30pm

Cost: $2.50 for members.





The numbers tell the story . . . . . .


Pam Hately has collated our yearly statistics, and the results are very interesting and positive.

For a small beachside community it is encouraging to see such great numbers supporting our Neighbourhood House. Click here to view the latest statistics.





A BIG thank you!

Special Thanks to the following organisations for providing financial support to The Portarlington Neighbourhood House for a number of projects, including:


·         Family Tree Software:

The Neighbourhood House family tree group received a grant from THE BENDIGO BANK for the purchase of software to assist with researching of ancestry information.


·         DVD?s for Health, Exercise & Wellbeing:

The City of Greater Geelong approved a grant for the purchase of DVD?s for Health, Exercise & Wellbeing.  This will greatly improve the variety of what is available for participants of DVD Tai Chi, Pilates & Zumba.



The Portarlington Neighbourhood House greatly appreciates and acknowledges the generous support of these organizations.


 Due to popular demand the following card groups now meets twice weekly. New members are welcome, no experience required.





Now on Friday morning!!


Due to the success of the Wednesday Community Cooking group ~ which has now been booked out we have ?opened? another community kitchen on Friday mornings.

So come along and learn to cook, share recipes and a meal.

Cost is approximately $5.00, which includes a meal and ingredients. Please contact the House for more details.



Skill sharing

One of the interesting aspects is that all our tutors are volunteers who share their knowledge with others. Some are retired teachers, while others are experience in a particular interest. If you have a skill you would like to share then contact the coordinator who can discuss it further with you.