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Our Vision

Portarlington Neighbourhood House is a welcoming light in an ever-changing environment.


Below is a list of all documents that are relevant to the Neighbourhood House;


  • Annual Reports.
  • Annual membership form
  • Newsletters and Bulletins
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Volunteer updates
  • Hall Hire
  • Policies



Asbestos Policy                                Asbestos

Characteristics of groups

related to PNH                                PNH Groups

Staff development and performance  PerformanceReviewPolicy

Performance Review Policy               Performance Review

Workplace Communication Policy      Workplace Communication

Premises and facilities hire               Hall Hire Conditions

All participants Code of Conduct        Participants Conduct

Media policy                                    Media Policy

Lockdown policy                               Lockdown Policy

Conflict of Interest policy                 Conflict of Interest

Anti-discrimination and Harassment and

Bullying                                          Anti discrimination

Risk management                            Risk management

Confidentiality & Privacy                  Confidentiality & privacy



Please click here to complete the Annual Membership Form. 

Please note: Annual Membership, now payable by calendar year and renewal of memberships for 2019 can now be paid.


Volunteer Handbook please click here.

Committee of Management Orientation Manual. please click here.


Hall Hire Fees

The Neighbourhood House has set fees for community groups. View the

Hall hire policy that provides information for anyone seeking to hire the hall.





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